About Us

I’m a kid of the 80’s. The streets were always my home.
Days spent in charity shops. A hobby my parents never understood.
It didn’t matter. I liked it that way.
There were four of us, We spent every hour as a group.
We were The Nippers.
Part band, part renegades, part drifters.
Our lives revolved around one thing: what we called the “Viberztyle”.
There was little rhyme—and certainly no reason—to our look.
It was a collective of items brought together through hours of searching.
Thousands of jackets, shirts, skinny jeans—whatever we could lay our hands on,
whatever we could find. 
Safe in the knowledge that everything we found was
one-of-a-kind. No-one else would be able to piece together such treasures.
10 years later, I’m tired of having to search.
Tired of wondering why no shop offers a collection of one-off gems,
items that no-one else can find. Where’s the creativity? What happened to imagination?”
NipKit was born.
A tribute to my youth, A space where my friends can gather A moment in history
captured forever in time. The only place where you know—
you just KNOW—you will complete your look.
That one item—the final piece of the puzzle.
NipKit—stand out from the crowd.